General Questions

NGS Cloud offers you three essential options for evaluating your variants:
1- GENIUS algorithm automatically presents you candidate variants that have the potential to explain the phenotype under “Workspace”
2- Filtering with various parameters under “Variant Filter”
3- Downloading all the annotated variants under “Quality Control”

You can use our server-to-server option for your data larger than 99 Mb. In addition, you can use our unique solution, PECULIAR, to avoid problems with internet connection and quality while uploading large data sets. You can download the installation file suitable for your computer's operating system from the NGS Cloud platform. Thanks to PECULIAR, you can load your large data without interruption during internet interruptions.

We are using the data-mining tools for situations like this.

If you start the analysis with a VCF file, you will not see coverage queries, specific quality parameters, or CNV analysis. Therefore, beginning the analysis with FASTQ or BAM files will be more efficient in increasing the diagnostic rates.

Pairend Biotechnology is a solution-oriented partner for bioinformatic analysis of next-generation sequencing data. Our bioinformatic analysis platform, NGS Cloud, provides high-accuracy results at an affordable price in a short period, thanks to our Genius Algorithm.

Support Questions

The reanalysis option for the uploaded data is free of charge for one year from the upload day.

Your data will be reachable for three months after you upload it to NGS Cloud.

You can always use our online chat part or ticket part on our platform, or you can contact our Technical Support Team via the e-mail address: contact[at]pairend[dot]com.

The data generated using short-read NGS technologies (such as Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific) are suitable for the NGS Cloud platform.

NGS Cloud Platform can detect small nucleotide variations (including SNPs, Indels) as well as copy number variations (CNVs) and other structural variations (SVs) depending on the wet lab experiment and the uploaded data type.

No. The bioinformatic processes of secondary and tertiary analysis steps such as mapping, alignment or variant calling, and evaluation processes such as subsequent annotation and filtering are automatically performed through the pipeline and server applications maintained by NGS Cloud.

Yes. You can analyse any number of cases (Trios or cohorts) together.

One of the essential advantages of using NGS Cloud is that it can bring you the correct result quickly. In the table below, you can see the processing times of NGS Cloud. Moreover, NGS Cloud is improving these times day by day.
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